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'Tales Under the Breadfruit Tree'

warn yuh chile

By Alloy

(c)copyright Alloy

"Mout open, story jump out...."
.......Trinidad Saying, meaning, "Once you start talking, soon all secrets will be made public"

As a hobby, I write short stories in Trinidad dialect. I have put some of these stories, for the enjoyment of Trinibagonians surfing the net, under the title, 'Tales from Under de Breadfruit Tree.'
These stories first appeared on the 'Caribbean Chile' website of Ilka Hilton Clarke, to whom I am forever grateful for her encouragement and assistance in creating this site.


yellow poui tree

Gene Wilkes is a Trinidadian poet who writes in dialect on contemporary issues. He captures the true essence of Trini thinking. We are fortunate to present a collection of some of his poems.