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Buh Wat dis worl' comin' to?

ęcopyright Alloy 1998


" Tales from under de Breadfruit Tree"


"Buh wat dis worl' comin' to?"
When one hears these words uttered in a conversation, it is understood that the topic being discussed is of a social nature and perceived as a threat to the very fabric of the Trini way of life........

Mable: Buh wat dis worl' comin' to, mih lord!

Dewdrop: Wha' happen?

Mable: Yuh read today papers? Dey say de crime rate up in we side ah de country..... De yankee an' dem start to bom' up Saddam tail... den some yankee man over here now, tryin' to take we pan from we.... meanwile dong in Moruga, mih aunt an' dem ent even have water to drink, because ah some mudslide......dey cyar even get beer to buy.....

Dewdrop: Dat all? Buh it does have wusser tings dan dat an' yuh doh get rile up.... Wha' happen to yuh? Yuh on eggs or wat?

Mable: Me? On eggs? Yuh mus' be crazy! Is long time ah tie up mih tubes an' dem. Is jus' dat since ah start going to dat new Pentecostal Church, it takin' de yampie from mih' ah startin' to see tings in ah more spiritual way.

Dewdrop: Girl, doan kill me. Everybody know dat yuh only goin' to dat church because yuh have ah crush on de pastor. Since yuh eye lite up on like yuh see Jesus Crist self....

Mable: Is because he does move mih.... ah mean, wen he givin' he sermon. Yuh have to give Jack he Jacket,....he could preach. But puttin' all joke aside now, yuh ent find the worl' changin' fas'' it so hard to keep up wid all de change...As soon as yuh start to get accustom to ah new ting, is time to trow it away, to get de lates'. .... is no wonder why marriage breakin up so...dem men changin' pardner like car! Long time ah woodda say is woman dey changin' but now ah have to say pardner, because now, is like every odder man is ah battie boy.

Dewdrop: Dat is how de worl' make up now, girl. Globalisaton! De worl' ent big again like in Columbus time....nowadays dem astronuts, flyin' rong de whole worl' in ah few hours! Now everybody does have to move fas'. Yuh play morocoy, an' is you to ketch!

Mable: Wen ah talk about movin' fas' ah didn't only mean all dem new' it does take ah lot ah money too.....Is anodder
reason de crime rate goin up!' wen de crime rate go up, de morals go dong! Is exackly wat de pastor say!

Dewdrop: It ent no different from long time.... Long time people uses to do de same ting, excep' dey uses to hide' dey uses to keep secret for one anodder. Nowadays, everyting in de open!' wid de internet... de hole worl' could fine out in a jiffy! Long time it was niggergram, now is internet. Yuh see how fas' we fine out 'bout Clinton an' Monica?

Mable: Dat is exactly wat ah tryin' to get at ....look at how much taxpayer money dey spenin' to get de hole story. Wid all de speed dey have, it draggin' out, it come like dey ridin' jackass now. All it doin' is fullin' up dem lawyer pocket an' sellin newspaper. Long time is one ah two ting would ah happen.......Eider everybody keep dey tail quiet or Clinton wooda say "Yes, Ah Screw she!".....End ah story! Dat does happen every day in Trinidad, far less de worl'. Look at how much paper, money, ink, electricity, doctor bill..

Dewdrop: Doctor bill? Who get sick?

Mabel: Use yuh kidneys! How yuh tink Monica, Bill an' Hillary stayin'so calm under all dat stress? Tablets! Doctor Tablets! As ah was sayin before yuh cut een like a spanish station.. Doctor bill, laundry bill, plane fare and now, cruise missile, dey wastin', over ah little piece ah tail... he eh even get! An' de ting is ...all ah we have to pay, for wat he don't want to say, he didn't get! Now Clinton tail in fire, he trowin' some ah de heat on Saddam..... he sen' he War posse to Iraq. Dat mean dey go want more price ah oil an' gasoline goin' to go up, food price too will go up, an' WE go have to pay for dat! If dat is Globalisation, I ent want no part of it!

Dewdrop: Dat is how de worl' does work now ....spread de money...Take ah little ting... blow it up.. give everybody ah piece ah de action.

Mable: So I mus' accept havin' to pay more for food and gas because Clinton eh get ah piece ah tail, an' he don't want to tell anybody 'bout it? Ah must be tootoolbay! Yuh tink ah went to skool in Augus'! Yuh car see dat dis hole ting is ah skeme to make money? Look at dem women who say Clinton do dem someting, every one ah dem makin' ah set ah money sellin' dey story to dem newspaper or magazine. Ah even hear dat Cigar sales gone up! Clinton mudder really choose he name good! Bill! like Dollar Bill!....

Dewdrop: But yuh cyar see dat de hole ting good for de worl' economy? We go profit from de oil sales and Cuba go profit from cigar sales' America own economy go go up, by makin' more bom' an' ammunition. Yuh see how de money does spread? Dat is wat globaisaton is all about.

Mable: So wat go happen wen Clinton gone? Yuh tink Gore able? It cyar las'...No sooner it come, it gone. It go take a lot ah Clintons to make it las'' he go need plenty Viagara. Talkin' 'bout Viagara, ah hear dat women now start to take it. Is now people go kill deyself. Imagine if two people takin' dis ting, bounce up! Dey sure to kill deyself!

Dewdrop: Wen ah few ah dem drop down dead, de government go step in an' ban de drug go mean dat ah hole blackmarket go start up in Viagara, like Cocaine, an' open up ah hole new industry. Yuh ketch how Globalization does work?

Mable: All it mean to me, as far as I see, is ketch arse for de young people comin' up... it mean, dey cyar plan for de future, because de hole worl' shakey.Is de same ting de pastor say, everybody for deyself. Doan talk' bout morals! It so low, not even yuh shadow could pass under it! Long tme wasn't so....

Dewdrop: Why yuh cyar leave de past alone? Wat gone, dead arready! Yuh livin' now!' yuh have to do, wat yuh have to do, to enjoy it. Yuh feel people ent notice how yuh does behave wid the pastor in church? Yuh ever tell him how yuh feel 'bout him? Ah bet no! Because ah yuh morals! Since Charlie lef' yuh yuh never look at anodder man! Yuh rader suffer dan talk out yuh feelins....

Mable: Yuh want mih to make ah spectacle ah mihself? Who yuh take me for? Camille? Dat woman ent have no shame! She does wait until de service start, to walk een de church, well crook up wid she lady fren....How yuh call she?...... Fanny! I doan mine she havin' she ladyfren ...but she should do she ting behine closed doors, not in public! Besides, even if ah feel someting for de pastor, dat is my business ....for ME to know an' HE to fine out! But yuh ent go ketch me galavantin' like no jagabat to ketch no man! Pastor included!

Dewdrop: But yuh have to reach out for wat yuh want. Yuh tink if yuh siddong, tings go jus' drop in yuh lap?

Mable: Dat is annoder ting dat rong dese days.. Young people, have no patience...Dey want everyting rite away! Ah learn in school, "good tings come to dose who wait"

Dewdrop: Buh how long yuh go wait? Yuh ent no spring' yuh not getting any younger. Siddong an' wait...... some spritely little chick go start batting up she eye and shaking she tail in front ah de pastor soon, an' before yuh know it .. she gone to Venus wid he!

Mable: Talkin' 'bout Venus....dat is annoder ting ah fine rong. Nowadays ah fine dat, is like war between men an' women. I grow up looking up to men......

Dewdrop: Dat is de problem! Wid all de looking up we do, it make dem look dong on we! Look how dey abuse we!

Mable: But not all men does abuse dey woman. Dey have all type....Some does like to  raise dey han', odders like to cuss, some crude an' ruff, some again gentle an'  sorf'...It have all kine. Ah fine nowadays, woman doan stop an' tink ah wat kine ah man dey ah strait case ah we, against dem. Just like war....dem from Mars and we from Venus. So Mars doan have women? An' Venus doan have men? If we keep on tinkin' so, wen yuh bounce up ah MAN from Venus yuh wodden recognise him! De pastor really say dat wen de worl' comin' to the end, brudder go be agains' brudder an' a lot ah confusion go rein.....

Dewdrop: All well an' good, but we women must stick togedder because if we only give ah inch, dem men go walk all over we again...

Mable: Ah understand wat yuh sayin, but it have some women does  get on as if dey have stones! It mus' be all ah dat makin' men go wid odder men ....We have to tink ah de consequences too! Ah doan like dat idea 'bout Men from Mars ting .... It  sound like we isolatin' dem from we.

Dewdrop: Yuh figure out yet where de pastor from? Wen yuh finish do dat..... yuh mus' invite him to see where yuh from, an' yuh accomodation an' ting. If he like wat he see, maybe den he go take yuh to see his launchpad to see his rocketship! Before yuh know it, both ah all yuh on de Moon!

Mable: I talkin' serious an' you talking nonsense.

Dewdrop: Wha' happen? You really tink you could change de worl'? Plenty odder people try arready, an all ah dem fail....... Ghandi, Luther King, Jesus Crist and ah hole lot..... Yuh have to learn to go wid de flow......

Mable: Is dat same flow self dat killin' we! Yuh cyar see dat tings can't go on like dis... we go end up like picoplat stickup on laglee...

Dewdrop: Wat you could do to stop it? Yuh is only one person!

Mable: Dis is why ah want to invite yuh to come to church wid me on Saturday to hear de message...

Dewdrop: Thanks for de invite but Ah have ah important event to attend on Saturday and ah can't come..

Mable: What could be so important, dat yuh doan have ah little time for yuhself?

Dewdrop: De las' time ah miss de Gulf War an' TTT repeatin' it an' ah cyar miss it again...... After all, dey don't have a war every day!!

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