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by Alloy


".....babies come by plane...."

Every country has its share of old wives' tales and Trinidadand Tobago is no exception.Because of the cosmopolitan nature of the population you will find that there is quite a variety of these tales, some of which have maintained their originality and other which have 'evolved' to a pure Trini form......

-When your ears 'ringing' - This indicates that you will get some news or someone is talking bad about you.

-When you have an itch in the palm of your hand - This indicates you will be coming into some money from an unexpected source.

-When a person has overstayed his visit at your home and you want him to leave - You put a broom to stand upside-down by the doorway.

-When you Drink from the same cup with another person - That person will not keep a secret from you.

-When you develop a sty in your eye - This means that you gave something and you took it back.

- Never pierce your ears when plums are bearing fruit - This results in growths on your earlobe.

-A woman who has delivered a child should not bathe until nine days after - This is to prevent her from catching a 'lining' cold.

-A menstruating woman should not pick fruit off a tree - This causes the fruit to sour.

-Always walk with a clove of garlic in your purse or on your person - This keeps off evil spirits.

-Never go seabathing on Good Friday - You would become a fish!

-Pregnant women should satisfy their cravings - If they don't, the child will be born with wine spots or birthmarks in the shape of the item craved.

-Never wear clothes inside out - It will confuse your day.

-A jumbie bird screeching within earshot - This is an omen of death or news of a death.

-Always cover your head or wear a hat if venturing out at night - This is to prevent the dew from 'falling' on your bare head, which would result in pleurisy.

-Men don't think with the heads on their shoulders - Neither do women.

-Never sweep over a person's feet - The person will never marry.

-When the rain is falling whilst the sun is shining - This means that the Devil and his wife are fighting.

-Sex is taboo - Everywhere else, not in Triniland.

-A woman can't get pregnant if she has sex in a standing position - Yea... just challenge those Trini sperms.

Copyright Alloy 1999.


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