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by Alloy

(c)copyright Alloy 1999

Some of the most profound thoughts and words of advice I have had in my life, did not come to me from the written word. Instead they were spoken to me by my Grandmother, Mother, Aunts, Uncles and elderly folk native of Trinidad. Most of these people had not had the benefit of a complete Elementary education,yet their words still hold true, which goes to prove that Life and the rudiments of living, are no more complex now, than they were fifty years ago.Yet if we compare our lifestyles now, to that of ordinary folk of fifty years ago, we would have to agree that our ancestors lived a very simple life. ...which proves that the basic necessities of life have not changed, except that we have acquired more friviolities and habits thereby creating clutter and obstacles in our Life paths.
Our list of Trini Words of Wisdom, is by no means complete and we welcome ALL submissions from our readers, be it in French or Spanish patois, Hindi, Portugese, Chinese, Trini dialect or whatever.... Please e-mail your submissions under the heading-Trini Words of Wisdom.


-If yuh have cocoa in de sun, yuh have to look out foh rain.

-Not all skin teet is laff.

-Monkey does know wat tree to climb.

-Yuh never miss de water till de well run dry.

-Wen yuh spit in de wind, it does fly back in yuh face!

-Two man-rat cyar live in de same hole.

-Two hand better dan one but one hand better dan none!

-Ah dog doh see he own tail.

-Sometimes, yuh have to play dead, to ketch corbeau alive.

-How yuh make yuh bed, so, yuh have to lie dong in it.

-Still water does run deep.

-Nearer to church, farder from God.

-Tief from tief does make God larf.

-Gopaul luck, not Seepaul luck>

-Cheap ting no good, good ting no cheap.

-Yuh could bring ah horse to de water, but yuh cyar make it drink.

-Man dead, man dey.

-Wen yuh cut water, it doh leave ah mark.

-Goat doh make sheep.

-Yuh can't plant potato and reap white yam.

-Friends does carry yuh but dey doh bring yuh back.

-Wat de eye doh see, de heart doh grieve.

-Pot calling kettle black.

-Ah rollin' stone doh gather moss, but if it stan' still it does get pee upon.

-Where dere is smoke bong to have fire.

-Wat half empty, half full.

-If yuh neighbour house on fire, wet yours!

-God give yuh two eye, two ears, two nose hole and ONE mout' for yuh to see, hear and smell twice as much dan foh yuh to talk

-All empty tin does make noise.

-Blood thicker dan water.

-Give Jim he gym-boots!

-Monkey see, monkey do.

-Make sure better dan cock sure.

-De longest rope have ah en.

-Cockroach ent have no rite in fowl party.

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