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Why Too Kay ?


(c)Copyright Gene Wilkes 1999 

A flyer currently in circulation in our Catholic Churches says that next year we will be celebrating " The anniversary of the 2000 th birthday of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ" I assume that they mean the 2000 th anniversary of the birthday of Jesus  (Eh Undine?)
On the same pamphlet the Jubilee 2000 Logo also has the words "Christ, Yesterday, Today, Forever circumscribing a motif of five doves on a cross, in a circle superimposed on a map of T&T, under which is a scroll with the numbers "0000-2000".
Was there really a year 0000 for true? Somebody getting tie up with this date, calendar thing yes!
In any case...if we are celebrating Jesus' 2000th birthday next year, how come the same year 2000 is the start of the 21st Century- the New Millennium? Dat doh make sense to me at all at all ! Unless, of course it really had a year 0000 for true! But then one never one? :-)
To besides, wid all de mix up with dem Roman Emperors an dem and the different calendars resulting from the confusion, the Good Lord's 2000th Birthday mus be done gorn long time. But say woh?... is a good excuse for a fete! So carry on irregardless! Doh study me!

What is all the hullabaloo
About the New Millennium?
Dates are mere markers of history
Since time is a continuum.
Two thousand years since Jesus born,
So the Church say let's celebrate...
Still, all around the world I see
Instead of love, man showing hate.
The road to hell, it has been said,
With man's good intentions is paved,
Oh how ungrateful have we been
Who by Christ's precious blood were saved.
I wonder, if Jesus came down
For the celebrations next year,
Whether he'd recognise the earth
Which the Father put in man's care.
Pollution and degradation
Of our rivers, forests and seas,
Few birds and butterflies survive
In Paradise bereft of trees.
His Golden Rule- Love Thy Neighbour
Is hardly practised anymore
So what then will we celebrate?
Just what is this Jubilee for?  
Are conflicts and rumours of war
How we'll honour the Prince of Peace?
Let's ask the Lord to put a hand
And make all strife and hunger cease.
Gene Wilkes
Cocoyea, Trinidad. WI

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