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911 - A WAKE UP CALL ? 

Of motes and beams, small specks and planks,
The time has come for us to speak,
As we pray to get God's guidance
For the solutions that we seek.
To condemn "cowardly terrorists"
Seems very ironic today,
Especially when we contemplate
Daily life in the U.S.A.
Many Americans suffer
Discrimination based on race-
Intolerance and prejudice
Blacks, Asians and Hispanics face.
What do black Americans feel
When men in sheets call in the night?
Making the Flaming Christian Cross 
A symbol of terror and fright.
Red necks use the first amendment
To publish racism and hate,
But condemnation follows fast
When it comes from an Arab State.
" Huddled masses" still can't "breathe free"
Though abiding within your shores,
Victims of callous indifference
Deprived of justice by your laws.
Many "homeless and tempest-tost"
Die on your streets in wintertime,
Marginalised minorities
Are blamed for violence and crime.
Self righteous leaders play war games
But is anyone keeping score?
And when the referee says time up -
Will the call be win, lose or draw?
U.S. anti terror rhetoric
Has been laden with anger and hate,
But vengeance wrought by "kicking ass"
Can never make a country great.
Your outdated Western gun talk
Such as "Wanted, Dead or Alive"
Won't help to capture Bin Laden
Or attain peace for which you strive.
The very despots and tyrants
That you renounce, and rightly so,
Expediently were your allies
Not a very long time ago.
Why are some men "Freedom Fighters"
While others are called "Terrorists"?
Why, when some states commit murder
They just get a slap on the wrist?
How does "Senseless Slaughter" differ
>From "Collateral Casualties"?
Your friends who target civilians
Never commit atrocities.
You like to boast, throughout the world,
Your Democracy makes you free...
Free to embrace Hedonism?
Free to publish Pornography?
Cherished freedoms turn to licence
Without responsibility,
Stem cell research and abortion
Are insults to humanity.
The pre born is a new person,
As DNA research did prove,
Which the mother needs to nurture,
Not an organ she may remove.
In the womb, where they should be safe,
Many innocent babies die,
Killed by callous acts of slaughter
That make the very angels cry.
What Freedoms must you now give up
So your kids can live free from fear,
And not know the paranoia
Of every rumour that they hear?
Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done,
This is the Christian's daily prayer,
Repentance precedes Salvation...
Who has ears to hear, let him hear.

Gene Wilkes, Cocoyea- (c)copyright



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