tabanca - "the forlorn feeling that one gets, when a love affair is over".....Cote ce, Cote la







by Gene Wilkes

Just who is a True True Trini?
        Follow me if you want to know
        The happy "vai kee vai" people
        Of Trinidad and Tobago.
        Yes, we's the Real Rainbow People,
        Is we who invent mas' and pan;
        Whenever soca music play
        We quick to wine and raise we han'.
        Nobody more friendly than we,
        We show visitors a good time,
        With fine food and kaiso music
        They guaranteed a sound sweet lime.
        We have an eclectic culture,
        We does borrow, and throw away,
        So what really indigenous
        None ah we here cyar really say.
        A doubles or chow ming sangwidge
        Is breakfas' nearly every day,
        A strimps roti and red sweedrink,
        Bake and shark at Maracas Bay.
        We put "my-own-ears" on "salard",
        And could get "ignorant jes so",
        But doh say we "miserable",
        'Cause we "does'nt eat nice you know".
        When we want things in a hurry
        We say "Any how is a how",
        And when come to "fatigue giving"
        We doh care 'bout no sacred cow.
        We will redicule yuh marmie,
        Pong yuh gyul and yuh nennen too,
        And if you play you getting vex,
        Is "Who vex lorse" , or "Zaffay you".
        This is a land where gobar flows,
        And we love to wallow in it,
        So politicians take the cue
        And does baffle we wid bullshit.
        They love to beat they chest and boast
        'Bout Tee and Tee being world class,
        While so many ah we "experts"
        Doh know they elbow from they glass.
        Cars spewing toxic emissions,
        Giving we red eye and sore throat,
        Still, on the side of the highway
        Man selling "Fresh" Pork and Fish and
Some complain 'bout noise pollution
        At Carnival Time every year,
        But they just have to grin and bear it,
        'Cause nobody eh really care.
        We must fete, and band must practise
        If you want the pan to "song good",
        Who feel that they "cyar take de noise"
        Have to move out de neighbourhood.
        All who from "Abercombree" Street
        Could go "Manzalinna" and lime,
        We could meet in "Sandy Grandy"...
        Any time is Trinidad time.
        Ah mean who care if Ash Wednesday
        Might one year fall on Good Friday???
        So longst man could put on panty
        And drink from posey on Jourvert.
        But wid all dat ah jes cyar wait
        For the year Two Thousand to come,
        When all we problems go be solved
        In de bran new Millennyum:-
        Smooth roads and water in we taps,
        Computers in each home and school,
        More Play Whe and Lotto outlets
        Wid Casino and Racing Pool.
                DAT IS HAPPINESS

(c)copyright Gene Wilkes 1999




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