tabanca - "the forlorn feeling that one gets, when a love affair is over".....Cote ce, Cote la





When De Party Tun Ole Mas'

People was looking for party,
A venue where they could relax,
And escape from this wicked world
Of vicious, malicious attacks.
Lies, half truths and innuendo
Is what most ah we tired of,
Some like kaiso 'bout corruption,
Others just want to hear One Love.
Making Mottley a Messiah,
Was doomed to failure from the start,
Lacking in credibility,
NAR only playing Smart.
If you en' see or you en' pee
You still in de same khaki pants,
Because when de party over
Poor people still eh stand ah chance.
All the parties all inclusive,
Wid music and lyrics for so,
Though some banners have new symbols
Like black hummingbird and rainbow.
Wid new snake in de balisier
Like de party now tun ole mas',
Is musketeers, bachac, cobos,
Judas, la diablesse and jackass.
So when dem jamette come in tong,
Doh let none ah dem wine on you,
'Cause if dey ketch you wining back-
Crapaud go smoke yuh pipe for true.

Gene Wilkes, Cocoyea (c)copyright


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