tabanca - "the forlorn feeling that one gets, when a love affair is over".....Cote ce, Cote la







Since vai kee vai and now for now
Are the watchwords of this nation,
Concern for some social issues
Is just too much boderation.
To paraphrase Mighty Sparrow,
"Good Citizens" of T&T
When you really think about it,
Are architects of anarchy.
People wanted space to party,
A big venue for mas' and pan,
We soldiers fed up march in mud...
So Carlos come up wid a plan.
Jus so, King Carlos ketch a vapse,
Call Coosal's, and dat was de case.
"I doh answer to nobody,
Who vex lorse and could kiss mih face".
Though prominent people praise him
For covering Savannah grass,
Still, Eden Shand and he possee
Say Carlos John playing de ass.
Clive Pantin say he support him,
Because Carlos John is he friend,
And he is a man of honour...
Will hypocrisy never end?
Since Carlos and Cyril do pray
Making sure they padna FEEL good,
Clive doh want to seem ungrateful
 By ponging Carlos as he should.
He say friends support friends in need,
But plenty people say he slack,
Granny say friends does carry you
But they doh ever bring you back.
What worse is these same hypocrites
Go want to ban PH drivers
Who provide a vital service
To the housewives and commuters.
But Gillette should get a mandate
To encourage entrepreneurs,
Do a blow job on those logjams
That  blocking their progress for years.
Regularise sidewalk vendors,
Hillside squatters who slash and burn,
Maxi Taxi tout-conductors...
Is a living they trying to earn.
The vagrants who does wash your car
Wid a gallon pan ah water,
Or who "safeguard" parked vehicles
Outside fetes and at the theatre.
Like John, they show initiative,
Bypassing the authorities,
Cut through bureaucratic red tape...
We need "untrapaneers" like these.
To besides, ent all ah we tief?
As Desmond Cartey rightly said,
So we can justify wrong deeds
By pushing a populist head.
'Cause all who criticise Carlos
Will still go Savannah to fete
In John's Millennium Centre,
On that I am willing to bet!
So run you mout and talk you talk,
If you find that ah talking strange,
We Carnival Mentality
Go make sure that we never change.
Gene Wilkes
(c)Copyright by Gene Wilkes 1999 






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