tabanca - "the forlorn feeling that one gets, when a love affair is over".....Cote ce, Cote la






We Carnivalise Christ birthday
Now people calling it Christ Mas':
Time for soca-parang-chutney,
So bring drinks, leh we shake we glass.
Ah fos ah glad that Jesus born
And gih we this excuse to fete,
Once it have food on the table
And liquor in the cabinet.
Most employers does give bonus
Towards the end of the year
So people could have some money
For food, drink, paint and furniture.
Ah want to ask the Archbishop,
And I hope he doh find me farse,
To let them parang band disguise
And come and play mas' in we Mass.
After David Rudder High Mas'
This go be just a further phase
Of Soca Spirituality,
Using jam and wine to give praise.
Nothing eh sacred any more
So enjoy Sprangalang parang:
Soca tata in you pueffem-
Music for jamette and wajang.
Just think about it- Midnight Mass,
Clyde and Jason, Tony and John
Jumping wid dey han' in de air
Shakin' dey wais' and gettin' on.
Soca tempo hot and swinging,
Deejays in the Cathedral yard,
Catolick Christian Conga Line
Up and down Lara Promenade.
While Christ?s birthplace seethes with conflict
We feteing, wining down de place,
?Cause in the next millenniyum
Who knows what we go have to face?
Anita want to get Ah Lick,
She done get black puddin in bed,
De neighbour go gih she a brush-
So bring de ham and run de bread.
Peace on earth wid piece ah pork,
Joy to the world and bacchanal,
Mama dis is Mas' - Wholly Mas'
Just a foretaste of Carnival.
Gene Wilkes
Cocoyea Village

(c)copyright Gene Wilkes 1999






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