tabanca - "the forlorn feeling that one gets, when a love affair is over".....Cote ce, Cote la







Carnival is a Bacchanal
And the theme song is "Get on Bad",
That's the way it has always been
In Tobago and Trinidad.
While some strive to strike a balance
Between the Sacred and Profane,
Profane proves to be the winner
Again and again and again.
Though wanton promiscuity
At Carnival so prevalent,
The attitude of some " Christians"
Often appears ambivalent.
Mas'- playing priests seem to condone
Jamette behaviour in the bands,
So people feel they giving praise
Anytime that they raise their hands.
They fool themselves into feeling
That they can clean up the Carnival,
But when you worshipping Bacchus
God cyar be in that Bacchanal.
'Cause if you agree with Rudder:
"Town is Church and road your Altar"
Eucharist becomes jam and wine..
So jack up de nearest bumper.
By rubbing two sticks together
Primitive man would start a flame,
When young bodies rub together
And they get hot- then who's to blame?
So much of what we call dancing
Let's admit, is in fact foreplay,
So dogs in heat will roam the street
Seeking sex on Carnival Day.
Virginity not so precious
With the young 'ladies' of today
Since Precious, the Soca singer,
Have them riding in a new way.
Some young ting in tongs goin in town
Shoving dey bumper in man face,
So Macho feel is he duty
To jack dem up and gih dem wais'.
Rio say doh try to resist
Because doing it so dam sweet,
So once you sure you condomize...
Sexotise to de Soca Beat.
Some Christian Youths make a statement
And stage a march for Purity
Bravely choosing the narrow path
Of a taunted minority.
Well done, good and faithful children,
I think I hear the Saviour say,
I know it's hard, but follow me,
I will never lead you astray.

(c)copyright 2000, by Gene Wilkes, Cocoyea 




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