tabanca - "the forlorn feeling that one gets, when a love affair is over".....Cote ce, Cote la







by Alloy
-copyright 1999-


According to Trinidad superstition, a Soucouyant is an entity of evil that overtakes a person, at their request (usually an old female hermit). The Soucouyant thrives on blood and attacks its victim while asleep, without creating a bite mark. Evidence of an attack, is manifested by a 'black and blue'  mark  on the victim's person, upon awakening.......

JoJo: Yuh hear what happen las' nite to Josie? Ah hear mih mudder sayin' dis mornin' dat a Soucouyant suck she! Josie pass by we an' tell mih mudder dat  she wake up dis mornin tired, tired wid she body stiff,' wen she examine sheself, she fine a big black an' blue mark on she leg, she arm an' on she belly....

Toney: Yuh believe in dem nancy story, boy? In dis modern age? Dem kinda ting went out wid  gym boots!

Jojo: Well MY mudder an' mih gran'fadder tell me dat it still have dem ting.....

Toney: Well how come we doan see dem? I does be out all kinda hour in de nite 'til fohday morning an' ah nevah see none! Dey mus be fraid me den!

Jojo: Mi gran'fadder tell me dat de onliest reason dey doan come out so offen is because ah all dem electric lite dey have now. He say dat long time it  dey used to see plenty  flyin' bout!.

Toney: Flyin'? So wat happen dey clip dey wings an' dem?

Jojo: Boy whey yuh from? Ah  does forget dat yuh from Cariacou, yes! Well is time yuh learn a little ah we histry or wat yuh call it. Besides it good for yuh to know, because yuh nevah know wen de Immgration ketch up wid yuh tail, wat dey go arkse yuh! at leas' if yuh know a little ah we histry, dey go believe yuh from here......

Toney: Okay! Okay! Yuh doan have to broadcas' to  de worl' dat ah here contraban'.... How dese tings does fly, if dey ent have wings .... Dis songing like ah real nancy story.

Jojo: Well, mih gran'fadder tell mih dat dis ting dat dey does call soucouyant, is really people dat does believe in bad ...... Wen de moon dark, dey does have to do dey simmy dimmy. He say dey does say some kinda prayers and wen de power take dem over, dey does peel orf dey skin.......

Toney: Yuh mean like ah macajuel?

Jojo: Yea! Den dey does put dey skin in a mortar to keep, until dey come back home. Den dey does turn into a big ball ah fire and fly 'way to who ever dey have to suck........

Toney: Wait! Wait! So suppose rain falln? It doh out de fire?

Jojo: Dat ah doh know! In any case ah doh tink dat dey does use umbrella, because dat go jus' burn up. Ah mus' arkse mih gran' fadder dat.... Anyhow dat is how dey does fly 'bout. Ah hear dat wen dey reach de house of de person  dey have to suck, dey does make deyself  small, small .... so small dey could pass through a crack in de wall....

Toney: So wat happen, de fire does out? Because if dey pass thru just so, it go burn dong de place!

Jojo: How yuh arksin' so much question? Yuh from de CID or wat? How yuh expeck mih to know all dem fine details? I ent no Soucouyant! How ah buy it, is so ah sellin' it!

Toney: Dat is why ah tink it is a nancy story. Anyhow yuh tink ah it , it doh make sense .....So de fire out, de soucouyant enter de house, do she suckin' an' she ready to fly back .. she have to turn back to ah ball ah fire again, rite? So where she get de matches from? It cyart be from she pocket, because she leave even she skin home! yuh doh see dis damm ting is nancy story!

Jojo: So who tell yuh she have to use matches to start a fire in de fus' place! Prayers boy! A kinda obeah prayers! Anyways, wen she enter de house, she does put whoever she goin' to suck, in a kinda trance so dey cyar wakeup while she suckin' dem. Mih gran'fadder say dat dey like to suck young chilren an' sometimes de chilren does get real mirasmie an' dead.

Toney: So nobody never wakeup an' ketch dem in de ack?

Jojo: Well from wat I hear, de onliest way to ketch a soucouyant is, yuh mus' sprinkle salt rong yuh bed. on de floor leadin' from yuh bedroon, out de yard, an' 'rong de house only so, yuh have a chance to ketch dem in de ack.

Toney: De more ah hear, de more ah tink dis is a cock an' bull story! Yuh mean salt? Dat we does cook wid? Why you cant use sugar?

Jojo: Dat is de secret! Yuh remember ah did tell yuh she leave she skin home in a mortar? Well jus' imagine if yuh get salt on yuh an' yuh ent have no skin! It go burn like hell self! And to prevent  salt from gettin on she, de soucouyant have to pickup all de salt, grain, by grain. Yuh know how salt grain fine, beside in de dark it hard to find all, so it does take a long time to take up all..... so whoever it is she suck, does have time to wake up an' ketch she still takin' up salt grain........

Toney: Well dat is a real stupid soucouyant dey does leave dey brains in de mortar too. If was me, is simple...ah jus' turn to fire an' fly 'way.....

Jojo: It ent so easy, because de salt does neutralise de fire process ... Mih gran'fadder tell me de las' time dey ketch a soucouyant, dey half kill she wid blows until de Police come!. Den de Police finish de job.... apparently soucouyant ent have no rights........

Toney: So who does turn Soucouyant?

Jojo: Dey say is usually some ole woman livin' by sheself. Dey say dat if yuh suspeck somebody yuh could prove if dey is a soucouyant or not. All yuh have to do is to mark a sign of de cross on de road where de suspeck have to pass soon as she reach de cross, she go try to go 'rong it an' so yuh go know she is a soucouyant....

Toney: Boy, I could jus' imagine how many ole people get accuse for nutten long time...

Jojo: Ah hear too, dat if yuh come across de mortar wid dey skin in it ..... an' yuh throw salt on de skin, de person cyar change back an' dat is annoder way to ketch dem. Look ah tink we should stop dis talk now, because ah see Carl, Josie neighbor comin'....

Toney: Hi Carl! Wha happenin' man? Is wat happen to yuh eye?

Carl: Last nite ah went to part a fight between Josie an' she husban' after he ketch she wid anodder man in he bed. He put a lot a blows on she and as how ah doh like to see advantage, ah went to part dem...well ah didn't duck in time and ah get a right hand strait to eye! Josie get she tail well buss up, she black an' blue all ah hear dat she going rong tellin' people, soucouyant suck she!
The moral of this story: Take everything with a pinch of salt!
January 20, 1999.

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