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My Island

   by Alloy



Trinidad, the island of my birth is the larger of the two islands that make up the country of Trinidad and Tobago. It got its name from Christopher Columbus who 'discovered' it on his third voyage in 1498, He so named the island, after sighting the 'Three Sisters, the three hills that form the southern mountain range on the island. The island boasts of warm, humid weather, fanned constantly by the North-East Trade Winds, throughout the year. Some of the most exotic flora and fauna in the Western Hemisphere abound here. There are beautiful sandy beaches on both Trinidad and Tobago, however because of having fewer rivers, Tobago's waters are clearer and underwater visibility is better. 

Trinidad and Tobago is recognised world wide for its oil resources but the country's true wealth is its peoples, who represent a multicultural mix, second to no place on Earth. The people are as warm (hearted) as the tropic sun that daily brightens their spirit. The blend of ethnic food, religions and cultural customs is reflected in the island's music and spirituality. The degree of discipline and tolerance exercised amongst the various ethnic groups cannot be exaggerated.As individuals, Trinbagonians, have excelled in almost every field of human endeavour, including sports, athletics, education, politics, entertainment, and beauty competitions. To name a few famous Trinbagonians:- Ato Boldon- sprinter; Brian Lara- cricketer; Dwight Yorke- soccer player; Peter Minshall- designer extraordinaire; Vidia Naipaul- writer; Derek Walcott- poet/ playwright; Wendy Fitzwilliam- Miss Universe 1998; Billy Ocean- singer; David Rudder- calypsonian/music writer; Eric Williams- West Indian historian /politician; the list goes on and on.......

Trinidad and Tobago has become synonymous with Carnival, the steeldrum, calypso and beautiful women. The country literally goes wild on Carnival days with dancing in the streets to the calypso beat on the steeldrum, which incidentally is the only musical instrument invented in this century. It is virtually impossible to describe the merriment and the colourful costumes displayed at Carnival. To this, add beautiful women frolicking in the Sun in gay abandonment.....Heaven! Seeing is believing!

Dining in Trinidad is a gastronomical experience. The variety of ethnic food to be had, would make a United Nations buffet, green with envy.......From exotic local dishes, like Crab an' Callaloo, Oil Down, Pelau, Moi Moi....... East Indian Curries, Chinese Foo Youngs, Arabic Falafils, Indonesian Rijstaffels, American Steaks ,,,,to French haute cuisine.......they are all to be had! And if you want to end your days in Trinidad? Be sure you eat some cascadoo, a local fish. The fable goes that those who eat the cascadoo, end their days there!



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