tabanca - "the forlorn feeling that one gets, when a love affair is over".....Cote ce, Cote la





As if ah doh have enough stress in mih life, all yuh listen to dis..... Ah went wid mih farseness an' get marrid to a widow who had a daughter dat was big already. As ting will happen, mih fadder come and fall in love wid mih step-daughter and he get marrid to she...derefore he now get to be mih son-in-law, wile at de same time, mih step-daughter become mih mudder, 'cause she is now mih fadder wife...but dat ent all!....

In de meantme, mih wife come and get pregnant an' had a son, who now turn out to be mih fadder brudder-in-law and also mih own uncle, because he was the brudder of mih step-mudder. Is rite here tings turn real ole mas...Mih fadder wife now have a son, who is mih brudder, but in trut is mih granchile....therefore my wife is mih granmudder, 'cause she is mih mudder's mudder. so ah is mih wife husband and she granchile at de same time but being a husband of mih granmudder, dat make me a granfadder.... so now ah end up bein' mih own granfadder!All ah dis have mih confuse all ah know, shame an' scandal in de family!

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