tabanca - "the forlorn feeling that one gets, when a love affair is over".....Cote ce, Cote la






If yuh see meh in a red top and a brong pants.. yuh know? Wit meh blue shoes….is Me…ah Trini! Ah eh dress bad… Ah jus dress up to go out. When ah laugh… anywhere in de world yuh could tell is me cause ah go laugh out loud…and hard… and long! Is just how ah is. Wit meh brown paper bag full of tings for meh family in de cole…LUK MEH.. goin' through the airport in Foreign. Das me. Five suitcase and tree bag full of peppersauce, mango, a bottle of rum and a piece of Auntie Ellie Pone! 
Yuh know meh by de way ah walk…ah takin in every ting in as ah go…lookin up… sideways an ting. Yuh know? Ah have dis need to maco well an get every ting stick in meh brain so dat when ah get back, ah could expouse on what ah did see an ting. 
When ah doin meh wuk…lef meh alone…ah wukin! An ah eh leavin de ting till I done wuk. When cricket come and Lara battin', doh even sit next to meh…cause you could end up hurt, when yuh see meh hand start flyin' as de runs begin. When yuh see de umpire tief one ah we…move yes…because if yuh thought it was bad, when tings was good, pardner…is now meh whole body movin'…especially meh mout. 
Carnival time is meh real ting…by October ah round de Savannah tryin' to lose weight so ah go look good for dem two days when ah start to wine. Ah want meh music loud and meh head bad… But ah startin' to party since Christmas yuh know?… After all we Trinis does take we tings real serious!

Here's a few more things you should know about us Trinis: Trinis are very passionate people if we are excited about something and trying to tell you a story you'd better stand back if you doh want to get 'lick way' because you know, the words are not enough, you have to have the antics too! 
Trinidad is a small country and word travels at a speed that defies the laws of physics. You could hear a 'talk' at one end of the island, get in your car and drive to the other, and by the time you reach… what happen to you man, that's old news! 
A Trini will do anything for a lime…nuff said! Trinis take their food seriously especially Pelau. This meal is a 'staple' at any gathering, we take it to Panorama, to the river lime, basically a Trini can't go 10 miles without packing a 'pot of pelau and a cooler'. Three squares a day takes on a different meaning for the average Trini… 
Doubles for breakfast, Pelau for lunch, and a roti after a long night of partying. 

Only Trinis can steupse. What's a steupse? (1) -Steupse ah verb- The act of sucking ones teeth when in a frustrating situation. ( 2)- is ah noun - The sound made by a trini when dealing with some idiotic, moronic simpleton. In short, steupsing is a Trini phenomenon that can't be explained, you'll know it when you hear it! (If there is anybody out there who can spell the sound of a steupse…we'd like to hear from you!) 
Trinis have an amazing way with names, if you have any sort of noticeable physical feature or shortcoming well, "crapaud smoke yuh pipe" that will be your nickname for life, and believe it we can make a name stick! We always pride ourselves on the fact that we can drink and party more than anyone else in the world – please don't challenge us on this one, we may have to hurt you. 
Going to see a movie in Trinidad is not just a regular experience. The Trini personality adds a certain extra 'uumph' to the whole experience. Any movie you go to see would not be complete without hearing the comments – you know the ones, 'from pit'. 
Trinis love to fete and they have no respect for their hearing or their liver… one sure way to find a group of Trinis in a party… if they not dancing by the speakers, they liming by the bar! 
Trinis can smell fear… if you want to fit in you have to be able to take 'pong' (serious teasing), if you show you can't take it de more dey go give it! 

To the surprise of most foreigners Trinis actually do have only one official language, ENGLISH! However when we are speaking to each other it may not seem that way, for example, Trini talking to a foreigner, "Wendy won Miss Universe isn't that wonderful!" Trini talking to Trini… "boy, dat is woman, yuh ent see how she lick dem up in de contest!" 

Trinis have their own concept of time. The surest way to get people somewhere at 8:00 p.m. is to tell them to come for 6:00 p.m. They're always late. Of course on  Carnival Monday and Tuesday this theory does NOT apply, the band ALWAYS leaves on time (give or take ten minutes but that's considered on time). 
Hangover remedies… we have many and any good Trini would be happy to share them with you. Hung over? Have a next drink! More party sure to cure any hangover instantly. 

.........Written by ah anonymous Trini 

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